I hope not to cause depression sadness or anger by posting this. I’m saying farewell to all my followers I have proudly gained. Thank you is the most I can say for actually following my first blog ever. With negative or positive views of my blog, I believe that attention is always good. My main for this blog was to inform people of want to always of gathering and collecting sneakers. Also to inspire some to join in this action. This blog will now be turned into a private blog and if I ever do choose to update I will post a follow up notifying all my followers.


The Source

With learning and trying to collect sneakers you might want to reach out to multiple sites. FASHION. MONEY. SNEAKERS. RESPECT. All of these things can be reasons to want to explore websites to end up on top. One of my favorite sites to constantly check for upcoming news is solecollector.com. From interesting articles with sneakers that involve professional athletes to other articles with music being involved. SoleCollector has a feature where you can sign up to their website to receive news and updates on the latest sneakers.  

Flight Club is an awesome website to just purchase sneakers. Its almost that website where things might be overpriced but they do have about anything you need. I think of it as the people who are impatient will love this site to be able to start their collection. From the oldest of retros to the newest Air Jordans on the block.

Kicks On Fire is very similar to Sole Collector to the point where you can also sign up to receive information. They have categories though between different brands so you can narrow what kind of style fits you. Nike. Puma. Reebok. Vans. They just have multiple sneakers you can view and decide what to buy or collect.

Complex Magazine is really good at describing what sneakers look like with their vivid descriptions. Also good with tying other kinds of media such as user submitted videos and their own videos. From cool stories like how it is to be a sneakerhead in the military to 10 places every sneakerhead needs to go.

Kixify is legit a site to just buy or sell sneakers. You can sign up and receive alerts for when certain sneakers you are interested in become available and when others are even interested in your sneakers. Gotta be careful with sites like this cause there are such things as fake sneakers.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^MUST HAVE SITES FOR A SNEAKERHEAD^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Slang A-Z

Slang is used in every language and you could possibly argue that being a sneakerhead has its own language. There are multiple slangs you can learn and just pick up on through context; but some you just gotta know. “Ups” is common one when it comes to how high you can jump and is not necessarily a kind of slang that’s not used for sneakerheads.

“Vulture” is one term used for someone that wants all the sneakers but for as cheap as possible. Winning is possible when you’re a vulture cause you can gain profit if you sell well. “X'” which is actually short for collaboration X is slang for when companies put their minds together and release a product.

Yeezys, yeezy 2s or 3s are names of popular but rare sneakers that are named after a celebrity which is also rare (Kanye West). Zebras are the first animal I think of when i look at these sneakers but weirdly enough they are nicknamed “Taxis”.


Air Jordans and rare sneakers when conversation has arrived have slang and unique names to go with them. Bathing Apes is just something you hear and think what? Corny or not I personally think the creative names are because they are rememberable. “Deadstock” is probably the most used term because it describes the sneakers quality of being brand new. Essentially the sneaker also would have to be up for sale.

For the upcoming sneakerheads they need to know if they can get their hands on retro/old school sneakers those are the ones that sell for the most. Grade school sneakers that are sneakers for infants obviously don’t fall in to that conversation. ‘Heat” are the ones that for sure involved in the conversation because they are not sold in stores anymore.

I personally think they are too many sneakers and slang terms to memorize to keep up. Js (short for air jordans) have a long list thats why there are so many pictures with people with a closet full of sneakers trying to collect them. Kids can’t really sell/collect because they are still growing and depending on there size there are probably going to be too small.

“Lifestyle” is a special release that most people get into because it ties together sneakers and clothing. Maxing out what you can do either you want to collect or sell is very important. Negativity is also something that you should not deal with as well because everyone has there own unique taste so you can’t please everyone. Openness is a trait you do want people to have when discussing selling or trading. PERSONALITY IS HUGE.

Quitting the personality talk and back to learning slang. “Retro” was used before and needs to be learned that it just resembles the original sneaker and isn’t an original itself.

Superman couldn’t even learn all of these terms in one day so maybe just re-read and try to us them daily?

White Out

Contribution: from Emily Potter


The latest cover of Complex Mag  just came out a few days ago! Jerry Seinfeld and Wale graced the cover, showing off something awesome they have in common. They’re both sneakerheads!


It doesn’t surprise me that Wale is a sneakerhead or a Seinfeld fan! He is usually being pictured with some crazy eccentric sneakers on and his 2008 Mixtape entitled The Mixtape About Nothing is actually Seinfeld inspired. Jerry has been Wale’s long time muse and someone he has actually worked with a lot in putting together his new album, The Album About Nothing.


I mean, Jerry Seinfeld being a sneakerhead kinda shocks the hell out of all of us, including me! But when I think about it now and sort of look into my endless memory of Seinfeld memories ( I love that damn show), I can see all the crazy shoes Jerry had.

But here’s the thing about Jerry’s shoe collection, he loves white shoes and that’s mainly what he collects! Wale admits that he too loves white shoes and when they start to discuss why, it all makes sense!

Jerry states: “They say you judge a man by his wife, his car, and his shoes. Those three things will tell you everything you need to know him.”


As a woman, I sure as hell know that shoes are one of the first things I’ve always looked at when looking at people. You can totally tell what kind of person they are. Those grungy New Balance sneakers? Stay away from me. UGGS? Your parents must love you! Jordans? Someone cares about their shoe game! Each kind of shoe stands out in a different way, not just because of brand but because of color too!

Personally, I have no shoe game. I’m a girl who just wears whats comfy, affordable and works with my outfit. I’ve never thought too much about making my shoe choice a statement until now.

SO, with all of this in mind, I have a question to ask of all you sneakerheads!

What does your shoe choice say about you?



Bound 2 Be A Sneakerhead

College Dropout. Late Registration. Graduation. 808s. Dark Twisted Fantasy. Yeezus. All great put together albums from the famous Kanye West. Mr. West has done many things in his lifetime and certain things people don’t even know about. From music to fashion Kanye West wants to known as one of the greatest. With all of his accomplishments now he thinks he is on top currently. I mean I don’t know him but I’m sure he’ll approve.


One thing you don’t want to do with Mr. West is disagree. He will either make you feel obsolete or a thing of the past. But he will tell you how he feels regardless of the where and what consequences there are.

yeez 2

(REMEMBER!? and personal opinion is Beyonce definitely should have won that award… sorry Swift fans :/ )

Kanye West is a person like everyone else so he has also had his share of relationships as well. Relationships have their ups and downs while people grow apart or grow up together and have families certain things just stick with them.

Kanye was known for creating fashion and music. He also made his past girlfriends Sneakerheads; which probably makes him happy there is a little of him in their personality.

yeez 3

Amber Rose his past girlfriend still struts around in multiple sneakers that she necessarily did not wear before. While Kim Kardashian his current wife is joining the sneakerhead phase now.

So Kanye West has it all going for him in the medias eyes, the music, the money and the beautiful women. He still has plenty of life to go and I assume he isn’t stopping anytime soon. So we just have to sit back and watch him live his life while you hate him or love him.

yeez 4


Do you wanna…?

Middle of December. Typical December weather of New England. You can guess if it’s either sunny or constant snowfall. I was with some friends deciding what to do with our day. Video games? Eat out? Sports? While conversations continue and trying to decide how do occupy our time; one of us steps outside. Creativity can utilized. Opportunity rises.


A small step can create a story.

A story a picture can remember.

23. Jordan. Just like the my story.

Always and forever.


Rule of Threes

Photography is an art form and so is fashion. Why wouldn’t you decide to combine both? I decided to and have fun with artsy pictures with sneakers as my adorable models. It may might not always follow the rule of thirds but it is all about the 3s!